SAKRABOLT Vermouth 0.75L 16.3% vol. alc.

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Produced out of love for Dry Martini

We are pioneering the vermouth craft in Slovenia with this significant take on extra dry Vermouth. It’s our signature.

Since we have all the resources to make a smashing vermouth and a winemaker, we do it completely in-house, including the brandy. 

Aromas of elder flower and dry Muscat wine will come on the nose, but don’t be drawn sideways, it is not a sweet vermouth – not sweet at all. The pallet will take you into a wild ride of flavors reminiscent to Sicilian gardens finishing off in the craze of van Gogh era of Absinth. 

Sip it alone with a wedge of lemon, make a great Dry Martini, or add to your favorite sparkling. Just remember, keep it chilled!

Design: Ritoznoj  by CIZL

0,75 L

16,3% VOL. ALC