• Real small batch, real hand made. On the sunny side of Alps, Slovenia.

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Nick & Boris

The conception of Gin Aufbix happens in a land where the grass is always greener, where animals can speak and everyone is a winner.  It's a land where enemies become best friends and Aufbix is the toast of choice for every occasion. No wonder this is Slovenia's most unique gin – crafted from the finest ingredients, spiced up by a touch of high quality citrus.


The flavor of Gin Aufbix is unique to its ingredients. It’s very balanced and fits well in cocktails or can be enjoyed neat over ice.  

You will dive into essences of Juniper berries, Coriander, Cardamom, Carob, Angelica and Orris root. All this is spiced up with fresh Pink grapefruit and Blood orange peel from Sicily. 

As one of the key ingredients is water, we use ours from Pohorje hills bellow which our distillery »78 Stopinj« is origins. The water we us is untouched. Due to the rock structure we don’t distill nor filter it. 


The components of Aufbix Gin are carefully selected: we use Carob from Eolian island of Panarea and Croatia coast, Angelica and Orris roots eco grown in Slovenia, Coriander and Cardamom from the Middle East and citrus from small Sicilian eco growers.


Water is sourced locally where Aufbix Gin is distilled.

It is of high value for us and how proud we are of the fact that there is no need to distill or filter the water before adding it to the spirit. 

Our water comes from Mount Pohorje where we started our distillery and due to the bedrock structure it is very soft and clean and therefore perfect. It gives Aufbix Gin it’s signature gentleness.


by our Sicilian brother CUTWAY- Francesco Tagliavia & YING +YOUNG agency



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